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From vision 
to reality

The details make it delicious. Creating delightfully unique bars means partnering with our customers and customizing each step of the process.

A conveyor belt loaded with brown health bars.

Infinite possibilities

Let's bring your bar visions to life. From nutty cereal to high-protein or meal replacement bars, we'll find that just-right combination you've been searching for.

  • Three protein bars, broken into halves.

    Protein bars

  • A strawberry cake yoghurt diet bar

    Diet bars

  • A stack of healthy energy bars, partially-wrapped in paper and twine, surrounded by almonds and dried berries

    Energy bars

  • Breakfast bars with red strawberries.

    Cereal bars

  • Two nutritional bars wrapped with twine, sitting on a wooden backdrop

    Nutritional bars

  • Four neutraceutical bars sitting side-by-side on a bed of grains

    Nutraceutical bars


Whether we’re creating a cereal or indulgent chocolate bar, we never compromise on appearance or taste in the process. Plus, we can meet most customer's environmental and sustainability needs.


Protein, vitamins, minerals, collagen and more, we work with functional ingredients to create delicious products to support active lifestyles. Need to be aligned with HFSS or Nutriscore? We can do that, too.

Lifestyle and dietary

Our experience with a range of ingredients means we make delicious products – including low-carb, low-calorie, vegan, vegetarian, keto and free-from claims including allergens.

Sample bar formats

  • The inside of a two-layered bar. One half pink, the other cream-colored.
  • The inside of a bar, dipped in chocolate.
  • The inside of a bar, with two layers of cream-colored material surrounding an orange core.
  • An illustration representing a slice of a simple health bar.
  • A trapezoid-shaped section of cream-colored material with a red core.
  • The inside of a chocolate-covered bar, with a section of red jelly in the top, above some cream-colored material.
  • A chocolate-covered bar decorated with jelly and crunchies.

Flexible production 
and packaging

We offer flexible batch sizes and custom packaging to support your needs.

Preview image for bars video.
Jelly very close

Hearthside’s path to creating your bar

  1. 1


    We work together with you to create ideas that will excite your target consumer and enhance your brand.

  2. 2


    Next, we use the brief to develop samples in the kitchen that ensure we have the right flavour, texture, mouthfeel, appearance, and ingredient profile.

  3. 3


    Then, we test the scalability of the product designed in the plant. In this stage, we provide samples for your marketing and testing needs.

  4. 4


    Almost there! We then agree to the finer details of the product, including packaging options.

  5. 5


    Congratulations! Your bar is now alive and we’ll manage the process through to the delivery of the first order.

Your bar, your way

  • Continuous innovation

    Between product development, R&D, and quality equipment, our extensive resources help you innovate your bar each step of the way, with the customization capabilities you need.

  • Premium quality

    When it comes to your product, we don’t settle for anything less than the best. With our carefully defined production process, we’ll help you build a better bar.

  • Partnerships first

    We believe that great products are made in collaboration. That’s why we prioritize working in true partnerships with our customers, from your initial vision to product reality.